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Stevie's success on the Pro Tour does not just happen by accident. If you ask fellow competitors and knowledgeable spectators of the game, they will tell you that Stevie's success is owed mostly to his superb technique. He excels from the very basics such as stance and bridging to the most advanced elements such as mapping the run-outs or superb safety play.

Combine his technical skills with his highly personable and articulate syle, and you have a truly outstanding teacher of the game. Now you can learn from the pro who has, in official competition at the highest level, beaten top 10 players of the world such as Efren Reyes, Johnny Archer, Thorsten Hohmann or Mika Immonen.

Stevie offers lessons at his home base Mr. Cues II, Atlanta, GA, as well as at clients' locations. Travel charges may apply. Contact Stevie via e-mail to
Lesson Offer Description Investment
Just Cue It Foundation Course 16 hours of training. Includes video analysis, fundamentals, pro one aiming, kicking, banking, reading the rack, and other drills to improve your game. All one on one in Spartanburg,SC. Learn secrets the pros dont want you to know. for course outline. for other outlined courses Stroke analysis - $330 (7hrs) Pro One Aiming - $250 (5hrs) CTE/Pro One Aiming DVD - $39 $250-$695

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